I spend way to much time on the computer so for the last couple of weekends I’ve focused on projects instead of clicking around the internet.  The bad news is that I haven’t kept my blog up to day.  The good news is that I finished 2 quilt tops and I’m almost done with a purse.

Here is the antique tile picnic blanket top.  Okay, okay it isn’t finished, but it only has two pieces for the border and it will be so bare with me.

Antique tile quile

Also two weeks ago my private sewing student finished her smock top! Now she is ready to start a new project.  She has decided to make a sudoku quilt. Since I knew how to make one, but hadn’t done so yet I figured I probably should complete the project myself before I teach her.  This is my finished result.

 sudoku quilt top

This quilt only uses 9 fat quarters for the blocks and about 5/8th yard for the sashing. I think it is a bit small though so I’m thinking of using a piece of Plume for a 5″ outer border.  I’m in the process of making my niece, Kendall, one for her 4th birthday because as I took this picture she said it was beautiful and she wants one like it.  Talk about making me feel special!  The quilt I’m making her isn’t going to be exactly like mine, in fact I think it only uses one of the same fabrics, but its going to be cute either way.

The purse I’m working on is incomplete so I don’t have any pictures of it yet, but I hope to soon. I’m also thinking about ordering fabric that matches the purse to make a skirt, hopefully in time to wear to Spring Market. That’s right, only 18 days until we leave. I’m so excited!

Chris, at SewFlakes, has had a group of sewing friends for the last couple few decades. There is about 12 of them in the group. They cal their group “Third Hand” and each month on the third Saturday they get together in the evening and sew together.  They all work on their separate projects, talk about new projects, help each other, etc.

I’ve had the priviledge of participating with the group twice now, which has been a blast for me! To help put it in perspective: The oldest member of the group, Clara, is 83. When Chris met her Chris was my age and Clara was Chris’ current age. Now that I’m becoming friends with them, I think it is a fun idea that I’m sort of the third generation.  I really love the idea that these friendships can really last a lifetime, unlike those made in high school that we vowed would last forever and didn’t.

So anyway, I was thinking about it today, and I think it would be awesome to start another group along the same lines as “Third Hand”. In fact, I think the name should be “Third Hand: The Second Generation” or something goofy like that because this group of ladies are very talented and worth admiring.

If anyone is interested in doing this please let me know. It is a local deal since there will be get-togethers once a month, but if you are willing to travel the distance I guess it doesn’t really matter where you live. *smiles*

The Modern Quilt Guild

I’m excited to announce that Tulsa has a Modern Quilt Guild!  I attended my first meeting last night and had a blast. It was so much fun meeting new people who have the same interest and ideas in the area of quilting/sewing!

Now if I could find the time to sew more! There are so many inspiring projects the ladies are working on. I want to do some stuff myself. However, I promised myself that I would start any new projects until these two were finished. I better get a move on it because I just bought some home decor fabric from Hobby Lobby (marked down from $30 to $4), and I’m very anxious to make some “envelope” pillows. (I quote “envelope” because I’m not sure that is what the style is called, but it seems to make sense.)

I was born 2 days late and have been running late ever since! It doesn’t seem like I can ever catch up, but I’m sure I will get there eventually.

Either way, I did take pictures of the bag of scraps today, and I finally uploaded them. So here is what you could win.

Two pictures of the same pile of scraps.  There are name brand scraps from Moda, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, etc., and there are also some lower quality scraps from Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Hancocks. (Oh, and there are also some batiks in there as well.) I haven’t finished going through all my fabric, so more pieces may end up in there as well, but this is what it is so far.

Along with this scrap bag I will also throw in some buttons and ribbons, and possibly some other goodies.

To enter to win all you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite scrap fabric projects.  Easy-Peasy!

If you would like a bonus entry then post this give away on your blog. Be sure to leave a second comment letting me know you did so.

I will choose a winner on Friday, February 12th, using random.org.

(I’m sorry, but at this time I’m not ready to ship internationally. It will come soon though, I’m sure.)

Good luck,


I am back from the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show in OKC. It was so wonderful to get to be there all three days. I have loads of pictures, but to avoid turning this into a stereotypical boring slide-show presentation I will try to breeze through to the fun part.

I tried to make sure the pictures are in order, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference really. In the picture with Ellen Medlock you can tell how beat we were by the end of day 1. The second and third day went better as far as being well rested, especially since I was able to go for relaxing swims in the hotel, eat my yummy food in bed, and sleep through the night. (The first night it was hard to sleep because I was so excited.)

Flip’s was an excellent Italian restaurant we ate at 3 nights in a row. I’m actually proud to say I didn’t eat chicken alfredo once while on this trip. I left my “safe zone” and even tasted artichokes (in my tortellini) and had cucumber dressing on my salad. The dressing was wonderful, the artichokes I can live without though they were okay. If you are ever in Oklahoma City I seriously recommend this place.

This was my first quilt show, and though I didn’t look at all the quilts I  thought it was awesome! I can’t wait to go again… maybe this summer?

That is all for this post. The next post will have pictures of all the fabric I bought! (i.e. The fun post is on its way!)