Chris, at SewFlakes, has had a group of sewing friends for the last couple few decades. There is about 12 of them in the group. They cal their group “Third Hand” and each month on the third Saturday they get together in the evening and sew together.  They all work on their separate projects, talk about new projects, help each other, etc.

I’ve had the priviledge of participating with the group twice now, which has been a blast for me! To help put it in perspective: The oldest member of the group, Clara, is 83. When Chris met her Chris was my age and Clara was Chris’ current age. Now that I’m becoming friends with them, I think it is a fun idea that I’m sort of the third generation.  I really love the idea that these friendships can really last a lifetime, unlike those made in high school that we vowed would last forever and didn’t.

So anyway, I was thinking about it today, and I think it would be awesome to start another group along the same lines as “Third Hand”. In fact, I think the name should be “Third Hand: The Second Generation” or something goofy like that because this group of ladies are very talented and worth admiring.

If anyone is interested in doing this please let me know. It is a local deal since there will be get-togethers once a month, but if you are willing to travel the distance I guess it doesn’t really matter where you live. *smiles*