I loved piecing these antique tile blocks for the Quilt Block Swap group that I had to make myself a picnic blanket using the same pattern. I know. I know. I said no more projects until I finished the previous two.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than I “just had to!” If it helps any I started working on this quilt on Thursday and I have 1/2 of the blocks done already! That is amazing progress compared to usual. I should be able to finish the blocks tomorrow, and then start adding sashing at Monday night sewing circle.

Here is a preview of some of the blocks. Unfortunately the colors don’t show up as vividly in the picture as they are in reality. I can’t wait until it is finished and ready to be taken out side for a real photo shoot.

I doubt that it will be quilted until June-ish because of the Minneapolis trip, but the more I think about it the more I think I may try quilting it myself. I’m not set on this idea yet thought because I don’t want to mess it up.  We shall see.

I’m thinking about renting a space at the antique store.  I’ve wanted to do this before, when I was making cards, but I figured it was to expensive. That is not the case though. I found out that for a decent sized corner display near the front of the store it only cost $30 a month.  I figure that if I start working on some “stock” after I get back from Minneapolis then I may open my “booth” in July or August.

Plume by Tula Pink covered buttons

Covered buttons will definitely be an item in my booth. I’m also thinking about some table settings (placemats, pot holders, napkins, etc.).

In other news, one of my friends from sewing circle at SewFlakes has asked me to make some aprons to sell in her new garden shop.  I have a few pieces of canvas like material that would be perfect, but I probably won’t get started making those until later next week.

There are other, more pressing things, I need to finish first. So tonight, at sewing circle I will be putting together some antique tile blocks from the SewFlakes QBS (Quilt Block Swappers) and I also need to finish the log cabin blocks for Sarah in the Quilting newBees.  I doubt that I will get to it tonight, but it wouldn’t hurt if I could get some more quilting done on my placemats.

I hope to post some more pictures in the near future.

P.S. Here is an awesome new blog geared towards Quilting Bees and picking the perfect blocks.  Its a great source of inspiration!

The Modern Quilt Guild

I’m excited to announce that Tulsa has a Modern Quilt Guild!  I attended my first meeting last night and had a blast. It was so much fun meeting new people who have the same interest and ideas in the area of quilting/sewing!

Now if I could find the time to sew more! There are so many inspiring projects the ladies are working on. I want to do some stuff myself. However, I promised myself that I would start any new projects until these two were finished. I better get a move on it because I just bought some home decor fabric from Hobby Lobby (marked down from $30 to $4), and I’m very anxious to make some “envelope” pillows. (I quote “envelope” because I’m not sure that is what the style is called, but it seems to make sense.)

I changed my mind about posting about the Bernina 830 on this blog. Later this week I will post about it on SewFlakes blog, I may link to it, but I want to keep this blog for my personal projects. Why bore you with advertisement-like posts when I can bore you with personal stories? Right?

I currently have two projects going, if you don’t count all the UFOs sitting on my shelf. These two projects I’m going to finish before starting another one though. (Famous last words, I’m sure!)

The first one will be a sample for the shop. I decided to test out some personal embroidery.

Placemat embroidery project

This tiny embroidery and the other 3 just like it are going to be pockets on some quilted placemats. I’m using two pieces of the “Make Life” line from Moda. I think they look pretty darned cute, but they aren’t finished yet so no pictures.

My other project is quite ambitious and has a deadline.  I’m not sure when the deadline is because the rules for the contest aren’t posted yet. However, I’m working pretty diligently on it because I want to be sure to have it completed.

The contest? The Tulsa State Fair quilt exhibit.

The project? A baby quilt completely hand done. I’m doing a simple baby log cabin block, similar to the “Plume scraps” block previously pictured, but with different fabrics of course. I figured that a log cabin isn’t going to even earn an honorable mention since it is so simple. However, I thought that if I hand pieced the blocks and then quilted it by hand that it might, just maybe, stand the chance of winning something.  I don’t have my hopes up to high, but I think its worth the effort to try.

It is going to be a baby size quilt using somewhere between 16 and 20 blocks (each 4 1/2-inches big when finished) with sashing, so its not going to be finished anytime soon. I hope to have the blocks ready within the next couple weeks. Then I should be able to sash everything and start quilting by the end of May. I figure the deadline is somewhere in/near August, so I plan on having the hand quilting done by the end of July.

The good news is that I’m pretty confident that once I get to the quilting part it will go pretty fast. The piecing, I think is the hardest because I’m having to match of the pieces and make sure I’m using 1/4″ seam allowances, which isn’t as easy to do by hand compared to the machine.  I hope it turns out great. If it doesn’t then at least I will have tried. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I will post pictures of this once I get some of the blocks done, and will continue to update you on the progress.

Let’s see. What all do I have going on now?

SewFlakes Quilt Block Swappers Group

Twiddletails -Pin Wheel Party

The Pattern Challenge

Spring Break Camp (I’m teaching)

Preparing for trip to Market

I think that about covers it. Oh no, wait, I joined another group!

Quilting newBees

It is a quilting bee for beginners (or really for any skill)! It is going to be so much fun! Each month, except for November, I will have a package of fabrics sent to me. I will make the designated quilt blocks out of the fabric and mail it back to the sender. Then in November it is my turn to send out fabric and receive back finished blocks in return! My head is atizy (is that a word) with all the possibilities!

My grandma says I get to many irons in the fire, but the stove hasn’t blown up yet so I presume I can probably handle a couple more and be fine!

Wouldn’t that be a cute name for a quilt blog – Irons in the Fire. I’m sure someone has already thought of it. (If it hasn’t been used someone hurry up, claim it, and put it to good use!) I was thinking about that earlier; how everyone on my Google Reader has such a cute name for their blog. Then I thought, “Trina, your name is cute enough, and you were able to make it make sense with your hobby so just leave well enough alone!” And you know what, I think I thought right! *smiles*


Earlier this year we received a new notion from Checker, called Print ‘n Fuse. Basically it is Heat n’ Bond that you can put in your printer to print designs you create instead of having to draw them by hand. The idea was grand, but the product – not so much. At the beginning of February it was recalled because there were reports of fusible web coming off the paper while in the printer causing a paper/fuse jam. We were told to destroy any packages we had in the shop.

However, instead of destroying it I decided I would bring it home and risk it. I didn’t have any problems with it in the printer. Instead, I found that the fusible doesn’t hold to well, and it gunks up on the fabric. Its not a horrible gunk, but if you look closely at the pictures you might be able to see a gray haze over the seal.

I’m interested to know if the other products like this work better or have the same out come. Personally, I figure it is probably best to stick with Heat n Bond for fused appliqué projects. Either way, here are three quilt blocks I worked on using the Print n’ Fuse.

I knew I wanted to do a pink penguin, but I didn’t have the right color pink in my stash. So I broke open my new Plume Layer Cake, that I was going to use in the Pin Wheel Party. The penguin turned out so cute that I had to do the seal and Eskimo as well. I also have a walrus in the works, and think I will do a fish, some sort of bird, and an igloo too.

I think it is funny to be using Plume – a wonder spring fabric collection in a quilt with cold area characters, but its cute. Now I will have to get another layer cake for the quilt along, which doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least bit!

I’m debating whether or not I might make the patterns I made into a PDF quilt pattern to put in an Etsy shop. What do you think? I suppose it will be better to tell once I have all the different quilt blocks made, though there is no harm in planning ahead.


P.S. I have to do hand stitching on the Eskimo and seal so that they will have facial features. That will come after I figure out how I’m going to secure them to the fabric. I guess it is time to learn how to do a blanket stitch.

…as if I need more projects!  These are “work related” though so that has to count for something extra!

Being the youngest at SewFlakes has it’s advantages! Like this evening a new book came in for me to review. My homework is to go through the book, make up some of the projects, and decide which ones I want to teach to beginner seamstresses, i.e. kids during school vacations. I actually really like the idea, besides it is a book I get to use for free – definitely a plus!

The Best of Sew Simple Magazine

Like I said, I just got this book this evening, but by the looks of it, it is going to be awesome. I already went to Kinko’s and had one of the purse patterns enlarged. FYI, Kinko’s was able to enlarge the pattern by 400% on a single sheet of paper for something like $2.42. This is so much easier and cheaper, labor wise, than piecing a gazillion regular sheets of paper together – more accurate too.

The next project I’m planning on is this quilt.

Cartwheels by Tula Pink

I will show a little self control though. While I can’t wait to make this, I will wait until I finish making my quilts using the “1974” fabric. At least I will try to wait, it is just so darned cute.

Last thing for the evening, I promise. The ice storm we are suppose to get starting tomorrow morning might knock out the electricity. Thinking ahead about this I went to the store and picked up a few things to be prepared.

I didn’t get bottled water, or stock up on canned foods. Instead, I found a pack of 3 flour sack towels at the Dollar General for $3. If the electricity goes out I won’t be able to use my sewing machine so I will do some hand embroidery instead! These towels are softer than the towels I’ve seen at regular craft stores so not only will they be easy to stitch, but they will also be practical to use once they are finished – Bonus!

It is going to be a fun weekend!


P.S. I didn’t forget about the scrap bag give away I promised to have. It isn’t the end of January yet, so I’m not even running behind on it.  I will have the details posted later this weekend, saying we don’t loose electricity.  Also, the Tula Pink pattern will be available in the SewFlakes Etsy shop tomorrow.

They aren’t done yet, but here is a peak of the progress.

Bento Box

Bento Box

The first quilt I decided on was the Bento Box.  It went together so quickly! Of course I only needed 4 blocks because it is a small quilt, but still it wouldn’t take much longer to do a lap or twin sized quilt.  I used this tutorial.

I need to order some Kona Solids to finish this quilt, so it is as done as it can be for now.  In the mean time I started my second baby quilt, also using the “1974” fabric. I decided to play with the Thangles some more because they are so easy and fun! The effort resulted in a pin wheel quilt.

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Pinwheel quilt

The picture doesn’t really do the quilt any favors! I promise it will look better when it is finished, at least I hope it will! I was going to use Kona Solid, Ash, as the background, but I didn’t want to wait so I went with the next best thing. After searching SewFlakes for the perfect gray, I found this linen in the sale section. (Normally $14.50, marked down to $7.25 per yard!)

The linen makes it look so wrinkly, but that shouldn’t be a big deal after it is quilted. I didn’t use a tutorial or pattern for this quilt, instead I used graph paper to sort of map it out, not that it is complex or anything. It worked perfect, except for when I cut my gray pieces I forgot to account for seam allowances, but that was easily fixed.  I just trimmed my pinwheels down, rather than re-cutting the gray pieces. 

Won’t make a difference on a galloping horse!

One more blog I need to refer you to is Film in the Fridge. She makes quilting look so easy! Her Hope Valley quilt series is the inspiration for the pinwheel, though her quilts are so much better!

I have more to post about, but that is all on this topic for now. I hope you enjoyed it, at least a little bit.


These are in no particular order.  I’m sure the list will grow as the year unfolds, but this is a good starting point.

1) I want to open my Etsy show and sell the things I make.  I really love fabric and sewing, so it wouldn’t hurt to find a way to sustain my hobby.

2)I want to enter into a Tulsa State Fair contest.  I have a photograph I took a while ago at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum that is at the very least advertisement worthy.  On a more practical note I will most likely enter into the quilt or table setting contests.

I think it is kind of silly that there’s a table setting category, but it would be fun all the same.  If I enter into that category I won’t use plastic ware, I will paint my dishes to match the setting, and if there are flowers they will be my own arrangement, not some bouquet from the store.

3)I would like to publish a pattern to make available for sell.  I’m not sure what sort of pattern it will be -probably a bag or apron. Either way it would be so encouraging to see someone buy and make something I have designed!

Starts of a blouse

4)To design a complete outfit and sew it together proper would be a great achievement.  Imagine me walking in to a  Utica Square boutique wearing a marvelous three piece outfit and selling my clothes there! This goal starts relatively small and morphs into something extravagant quite quickly I realize, but you just never know what will happen if you give it a go!

Testing possible fabric for a jacket

In all reality I don’t plan on becoming a fashion designer. (I would have to be able to sketch for starters and I can’t.) I don’t even really plan so much on making clothes to sell in a mass production sort of way.  It would be nice to make something, wear it around, have someone notice and like it, and then make that person their own custom outfit. The experience would be really gratifying in itself, being paid for it would be an added bonus.

First Baby Quilt

5) Star a “Hope Chest” for future children.  I want to be a mother so much! I don’t want to have children right now, though I regularly have a battle with hormones when I hear about babies. (I can’t help I am in my prime breeding years. *laughs*) Anyway, I am almost finished with my first baby quilt which will go in the chest (made of something other than cedar of course). I will make some baby clothes to put in it as well.  The first piece will be a dress for a baby girl using the fabric I received from Germany.  (The fabric is based on the book known to us as “Parent Trap”.  Really cute!)

"Parent Trap" fabric by Westfalenstoffe in Germany

6) The last one I have, so far, is shrimp. I am going to learn to cook shrimp in such a tasty, sophisticated way that I will completely forget they are the cockroaches of the sea.

It was my intention yesterday to work on the quilt I am making for Erik (which I will have to post pictures of later) while I was baking the cake.  However, my sewing time didn’t go according to plan.  Instead, I saw a tutorial that a SewFlakes QBS partner posted for making a disappearing 9-patch and I decided I just had to give it a try.

For once I had the perfect fabric already in my stash – a fat quarter pack by Andover.  The pack of 8 features 6 pieces from Kathy Hall’s “Intrigue” line and 2 pieces from Gail Kessler’s “Dimples” line.  How lucky was I to pick this pack up for free while SewFlakes was having a buy 10 fq’s get 10 free sale after Thanksgiving!

So having decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have two projects, okay three projects, fine! four quilting projects going at one time I started cutting out the 2 1/2″ squares.  The 8 fq’s yielded 448 – 2 1/2″ squares.  The original tutorial calls for bigger squares, but since I knew I didn’t have enough fabric to make a quilt, I thought I should cut smaller pieces to get more blocks.  With more blocks I should be able to make a decent sized quilt after adding sashing and borders – plus more blocks will make it look “fuller”.

9-patch cut into quarters

After sewing the normal 9-patch block I cut it into quarters.  Then I rearranged, this part was all fine and dandy.

Rearranging the 9-patch

After achieving the desired look of the block you sew all the pieces back together into the square to finish the block.  Or…

Seam ripper

…if you are like me, you realize that your corners are off by 1/8th” so you sit and rip the seam out and try again.  For the record, an 1/8th” wouldn’t matter on a galloping horse, however, a block 1/2″ smaller than the other finished would, so I had to redo it.

Finished block

This is the finished result.  The corners are still off ever so slightly, in the center, and the block needs to be squared.  All in all, after spending about 1 1/2 hours making the first block (sewing, eating, talking, undoing, and resewing) I think I’m going to like the results of this quilt.   I’ve already picked a name for this quilt as well.  I will name it “Mysteries”.

That is all I have so far!

I hope you stay warm, as the temperature seems to be dropping quickly here.