I am back from the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show in OKC. It was so wonderful to get to be there all three days. I have loads of pictures, but to avoid turning this into a stereotypical boring slide-show presentation I will try to breeze through to the fun part.

I tried to make sure the pictures are in order, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference really. In the picture with Ellen Medlock you can tell how beat we were by the end of day 1. The second and third day went better as far as being well rested, especially since I was able to go for relaxing swims in the hotel, eat my yummy food in bed, and sleep through the night. (The first night it was hard to sleep because I was so excited.)

Flip’s was an excellent Italian restaurant we ate at 3 nights in a row. I’m actually proud to say I didn’t eat chicken alfredo once while on this trip. I left my “safe zone” and even tasted artichokes (in my tortellini) and had cucumber dressing on my salad. The dressing was wonderful, the artichokes I can live without though they were okay. If you are ever in Oklahoma City I seriously recommend this place.

This was my first quilt show, and though I didn’t look at all the quilts I  thought it was awesome! I can’t wait to go again… maybe this summer?

That is all for this post. The next post will have pictures of all the fabric I bought! (i.e. The fun post is on its way!)