Because of the snow I had a 3 day weekend. Most of it was spent lounging around the house playing board games and spending time with Erik, who celebrated his birthday yesterday! However, I did manage to start and finish some projects.

Okay…I confess. I started 3 projects and finished 1. The first and complete one is a pillow case using the tutorial from Film in the Fridge. (By now you are probably getting the idea that I really love her blog!)

Bright Pink!

Her directions say to leave the selvage edge on the fabric, but I read that about 10 seconds after cutting it off so I just went with it. Nor did I do the French seam to finish up the case because I didn’t read that far until just now when I went to get the link to post here. I also did the cuff a little different, but not really. The first time I did the cuff I did as she said, but the fabric kept slipping.  I ended up needing to rip the whole thing out and redo it.  The second time I had to do it I ironed the cuff in half and used about a 100 more twice as many pins, which worked out great.

I love the way it looks folded!

All in all it is a great tutorial if you read all the way through it first instead of jumping the gun like I did! I already have another case cut out, pinned, and ready to be sewn together tonight. Later I might try to alter the sizing a bit because the case is a lot bigger than my pillow, but for now it will be just fine!

My second project that is about half way complete is one of the flour sack towels I mentioned at the beginning of the weekend.  I decided to use this free pattern. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

From Bad Bird's Embroidery Patterns

I will take an pictures of the towel’s progress over the next couple days and post them later.  It is coming along nicely, especially since I bought more colors of embroidery floss to play with!

My last project I’m not satisfied with at all. There is a chance it could turn out once I complete the hand stitching on it, but right now it looks like something definitely went wrong somewhere. It is a purse out of the “Sew Simple” book I posted. It looks mostly like the picture, but the handle seems to be really small.  I’m not confident that it is going to be a practical purse, but I suppose there is still hope since its still unfinished. I will let you know.

So if anyone actually reads this please leave a comment letting me know what sorts of things you did this weekend.  I would love to hear from you.


P.S. I will be taking pictures of the scrap bag for the give away this evening and posting the details tomorrow evening, so stay tuned. (Yes, I know, I’m officially late in posting the give away, but it will be worth it…I hope.)