I just opened up my Etsy shop. There is one part of the goal for this year done, now just to sell something, which, of course, will take time.

I only have three things listed so it looks really boring! Besides, the smock top isn’t really something I can sell, per se. If someone actually orders it I will make another one just like it really quickly. (It will still be done well quality-wise, mind you.)

I’m hoping that after this Spring Break Sewing Camp (S.B. Camp) is over I will magically have some time! I definitely will try to refrain from volunteering anything else. I would really like to concentrate on getting some more items made for the shop through the end of March.

My problem right now, is not knowing what to make. There are so many cute things on Etsy. How do I compete with that! What can I make that people will actually want to buy – that they can’t already make themselves or buy some where else?

Its weird. I’m so excited about the possibilities, and yet so discouraged at the same time. Did any of you feel like this when you started your Etsy shop (or selling via another venue)? Do you still feel like this? Can you offer any words of advice for a beginner?

Thanks for reading,