Oh I bought so much fabric! I hadn’t really planned on getting any at all, especially since I work in a fabric shop, but once I laid eyes on the beautiful pieces I couldn’t resist!

It started off with just a few pieces on the first day:

Save the Planet Recycled Canvas by Fabri-Quilt

The black piece was from Prairie Quilt, but then I lucked into finding the white piece at Patchwork Place. I got 1/2 yard of each so I can make market bags out of them.

Amy Butler Dots

Amy Butler Dots

I got these from A Joyful Soul Fabrics. They carry all of Amy Butler and Heather Bailey’s fabrics, and they keep them in stock as much as possible so it is available if you are ever 1/2 way through a project and realize you need more.

So see, for not intending to buy fabric at all I did well for the first day. I only walked away with the equivalent to 1 3/4 yards of fabric. Not bad..

Then comes the second day. The day I went crazy after I found a shop, Legacy Patterns*, carrying almost the complete line of a super cute fabric priced at only $2.00 per fat quarter!

*I can’t find their website right now, so I will post about it later.

I was only going to get this colorway.

1974 by Urban Chicks for Moda

But then I couldn’t resist getting the rest of the color ways.

Really I did resist for a while because there are three other pieces missing out of these collections. I thought I could go without them, but then I had a chance to sleep on it. By morning of the third day I figured that I might as well get the last three pieces that Legacy Patterns had available because I might miss my chance to do so later. (Besides, getting them at the show allows me to avoid shipping costs. *smiles*)

I still don’t have a picture of the last three pieces, but they really aren’t anything special, they are more filler pieces than anything. However, I did go back to Patchwork Place and buy 4 pieces of Art Gallery fabric that I had eyed on the first day. (Sorry the pictures is bad.)

I love the dandilion piece next to the dots.

What is sad is that had I had more money I would have gotten yardage of the 1974 line! As if I really need more of it! Now that I have so many pretty fabrics that actually match I can’t put off putting some quilts together. Not that I was trying to put them off before, its just I didn’t have a robust enough stash to have a good starting place. It is time to get busy! I have to find some way of supporting this addiction!


P.S. The ending count for the weekend was 2, 1/2 yard pieces and 31 fat quarters. (The equivalent to 8 3/4 yards – a record amount for me to buy at 1 time, by 3/4 yards.)