Every Monday the host of the Flickr Quilting Bee that I’m in asks a question or two for us to answer – it is known as “Getting to Know you Mondays?” This Monday the questions deal with how we learned to sew.

“How are you learning to quilt? Did you take a class? Learn from a friend? Book? Blog?”

I started learning during my Home ec. class while being home schooled. I would go over to my step-grandma’s and make all sorts of things. Some of my favorite memories come from her sewing room. I love the smell of freshly ironed fabric, it always makes me think about those times. She use to have boxes, trunks, wardrobes, and drawers of fabrics, to many and to beautiful to recall. It was like entering a magical land of creativity. One of my favorite projects she taught us was a crazy quilt. I don’t think we actually ever finished the quilt, but I remember her pulling out this big (clean) trash can she kept next to her work area full of all sorts of scraps. She taught us how to match everything up, sew and trim the pieces, and then she would let us be for a while so we could just flow with it. These were the first times I started sewing.

Now I learn mostly from blogs. It started with Sonnet of the Moon. When I came across her blog last year, about this time, I thought it was wonderful. I spent the evening and part of the next day reading it from the very beginning, all the way through. Through her blog I came to know about some of my other, now favorite blogs, including:

Film in the Fridge
Handmade by Alissa
Craft Apple
Homemade by Jill
Pink Penguin
Sew Much Ado

There are more blogs that I read, but those are just a few for now.

I also learn a lot from working at SewFlakes. My boss, Chris, has been so helpful, and so have the other ladies. At SewFlakes the only classes I’ve taken have been a couple of “Ways and Means” technique classes. They are an awesome way to learn to do some of the basic stuff without spending the money to take a complete quilt class. So far I’ve taken binding, mitered corners, and cording. I’m really hoping that we can keep the classes going because I really need to learn to put in a zipper….properly.