Christmas break was pretty uneventful for the most part. I did get to bring home the Bernina 730e from the shop, which is always fun. We also had quite a snow storm, considering this is Oklahoma. Here are a few pictures to recap the holiday weekend.

At the beginning of the week I started making lots of paper snowflakes, that way there would be some sort of snow around here. The final count is 18, which translates to only about 4 1/2 hours spent cutting, folding, and gluing. *smiles*

Snowflakes at SewFlakes

SnowFlakes at SewFlakes

It started with just 3, but it couldn’t end there. I had to make some for the front window at work. Then I had to make some for our apartment.

Snowflake Bunting

Snowflakes from the ceiling.

Some might think it is a little elementary to make so many paper snowflakes, but they are cute. I also made a gingerbread man chain, cut and colored, but I don’t have a picture of it.

All weekend and week leading up to Christmas the weather reporters couldn’t make up their mind whether it would actually snow on Christmas or not. Well it certainly did snow! It started with rain, which turned to sleet, and finally we got snow – about 6-8″ of it.

I went for a walk in it on Christmas day and some of the drifts were up to 2″, if not higher is some spots. This is unheard of in Oklahoma. Really, the last time we had a winter storm we received about 6″+ inches of ice which tore the city apart! Either way, Tulsa didn’t get as much as Oklahoma City, so all my friends and family are okay.

Gracie in the Snowfall

Gracie in the Snowfall

Gracie, our Schnauzer didn’t really have much of a reaction at first, but after a couple trips outside she became really enthusiastic. (Yes, she wears a jacket when she goes outside. She has to because she had all of her fur cut off.)

Anyway, going back to babysitting the 730e, I made an April Bag sample since I’m going to teach it as a class at the end of January. This is the second time I’ve made this bag. It is super easy to begin with, but the second time went a lot faster. It does help that I omitted the interfacing in the handles this time. I like that the handles are a bit more floppy.

April Bag

I also made a drawstring bag for my Gingher scissors and case. I used this tutorial by BunnyBum. Her tutorial is great. Everything worked out perfect and went together in a jiffy!

Gingher Drawstring Bag

Gingher Case

The bag is even fully lined. Ooh! Awe!!

Gingher bag lined

It is safe to bet that these scissors are as safe as they can be, within reason. Not only are they in their case, but if I accidentally drop them I don’t have to worry about them falling out of their case because it is in a case as well!

That is about all my holiday weekend consisted of, other than a quick dinner at Grandma’s before the storm got to bad. How was your weekend?