I woke up early Wednesday morning, as planned, to get the turkey in the oven. Everything went perfect – almost.

The turkey was suppose to have two bags in it, one for the neck and one for the giblets. Finding the bag for the neck was easy – it was in the stuffing hole just like I thought it would be. However, I looked all over the stuffing hole and didn’t see the other bag. I dumped out the bag containing the neck because I thought they might have decided to consolidate the giblets and neck into one bag, but nope. I picked up the turkey and shook it and nothing fell out. So I figured, “Oops someone forgot the giblets.” Oh well, move on and lets get this bird cooking.

I basted the bird with olive oil and spices, tried to reposition the wings since I stretched them out when shaking it, and put it in the oven. I waited about 45 minutes then put the first glaze of (farm fresh, local) honey on. Then it was time to pass the torch to Erik because I had to go to work.

Erik was on “Turkey Watch” and did a beautiful job. When I came home to pick up the turkey, it was perfect!

I was so proud I took pictures of it before it was carved, unfortunately none of those pictures turned out. Either way, everyone was pretty impressed.

Mrs. Clara, an 82 y.o. lady that works 1 day a week, said she would do the honors of carving the turkey, to which we all obliged because she obviously has more experience than all of us.

Carving the turkey

This went well too, for a few minutes. Then, while I’m sitting there watching her, soaking in the ecstasy that I cooked the turkey, she leans over and whispers to me, “Sweetheart, I think you forgot something,” and she pulls out this wrinkly bag containing the giblets!

Forgotten Giblets

Those darned things we in the neck cavity! Why? is all I have to ask. Why would they put one bag in one hole and one in another? Why wouldn’t they put the neck in the neck hole where it would be easier to see because it is so big, so that the smaller bag could be in clear view inside the stuffing hole? *laughs*

Its okay though, the turkey was great, and no one would have noticed I forgot the bag if I hadn’t told them. We had a great time at the Christmas party, and I definitely learned something new about cooking! (Oh, and I’m sure we will have something to laugh about at future holiday parties. *smiles*)