Penguin Stitches

I’m on Facebook all the time!  Seriously I spend about 6 hours on and off through the day on Facebook! This isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds though because most of that is work related. (Oh my job really is the pits – I have to sit in a fabric store and “play” on the computer. If that isn’t the worst job ever I don’t know what is! *note the obvious sarcasm*)

Santa Stitches

Anyway, I was piddling across Facebook and saw that Sublime Stiching was tagged in a few photos.  These stitches were done by Shannon, and I just have to pass them on they are so cute!

Gingergirl Stitches

You can visit Shanon’s blog, here, and see all of her awesome embroidery projects.  If you like the stitches she made and would like to make your own you can get the pattern from Sublime Stitching, here.

(I will add both links to the side of this page for future reference and inspiration!)