I haven’t done much cooking since this spring.  Of course I have cooked, but only the boring normal things like spaghetti! So it is high time I get back in the kitchen!

Friday night Erik and I made chocolate chip cookies.  He laid out all the ingredients then I went in to mix it all together and do the dough plopping.  Doing this made me wonder why I had stopped baking in the first place.  It isn’t like it takes long or takes a big exertion of energy.  Besides, during the holidays the house feels more cheerful if there are smells of baked treats welcoming you as you step in the door.

Tonight I made a Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake using this recipe from Cooks.com.  It turned out alright though I may tweak the recipe if I try this one again.  Here are my notes…

***Cooking the cake in a bundt pan takes about 15 minutes less than the recipe calls for when cooking in a 9×9-inch pan.

***Make sure you drop your egg into the mixing bowl and not the bowl with the topping mixture in it.  If you get distracted by something (like your imagination) and you drop the egg in the topping mixture don’t worry about it.  Just mix the topping in with the rest of the cake and call it good.

***When dusting the pan with flour, before pouring the cake batter in, it is possible to use to much flour.  If you use to much try banging the pan on the wall of the sink to knock as much as possible out of the pan before adding the cake mix.  If you notice there are a lot of white flour spots all over your cake after you have cooked and released it from the pan sprinkle powdered sugar over it – no one will notice.  (Powdered sugar will also cover up the fact you had to mix the original topping into the cake after dumping the egg into it.

***If I try this recipe in the future instead of using a different one I will probably add about 1/4 cup of brown sugar.  Coffee cake is suppose to be a little bit more dense than this one turned out, and it wouldn’t hurt if it was just a tad sweeter.

***I didn’t have buttermilk, so substituting the buttermilk for a cup of regular milk with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar worked out great.  (When using this substitution put your vinegar in the measuring cup first then add milk to the 1 cup line, then stir and let set for a few minutes while you mix the dry ingredients.  Filling the measuring cup with 1 cup milk first then adding the tablespoon of vinegar could be the little difference in the density of the cake.)